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Duration: 1 Day
Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

Travel News Studio (All sessions in Swedish)

09:00 Connecting Europe - a seminar on Trains with SBTA

Interest in trains has increased significantly in recent years, both among business and leisure travellers. It is both a sustainable and convenient way to travel - so why is it so difficult? It's complicated to book, rebook and cancel a train journey in another country. Payment is another problem.

The question is, why? And what is being done to simplify and change the situation?

In this seminar, we will get to the bottom of the issue - TOGETHER!

Speakers: Erik Wigers-Larsson and Mats Nyblom








11:00: The Future of Aviation in Sweden & Globally

Aviation has gone from being the means of transport of the future to being highly questioned. At the same time, more and more people want to fly, and in the last twenty years alone the number of passengers has doubled. After covid we saw an unprecedented surge in demand that took much of the aviation industry by shock. Several of Europe's major airports are now capped in terms of departures and passengers. Will the chaos continue in 2023 or will there be order again regarding everything from security checks to flight operations? 

Many airlines are giving their all when it comes to sustainability, but will any player actually reach the Paris targets? In Sweden, the debate is about whether Arlanda should be expanded and whether Bromma should be closed? Will a new bourgeois government have different demands and goals for the aviation industry? And what happens when SAS shifts gears in Sweden and moves its headquarters and the majority of its operations to Copenhagen? Will Arlanda become "just" a low-cost hub and a feeder station for Kastrup? Finally, what is the purpose of the regional airports? And how will their operations become profitable?

In the panel: Fredrik Kämpfe, Transportföretagen, Robert Lindberg, Skellefteå flygplats, Theres Briger, SAS, Ulrika Matsgård, BRA flyg, Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavias vd och koncernchef, Catrin Mattsson IATA, Norwegian Thomas Eriksson. 

13:00 Charter & Package Travel

Security became the main watchword for holiday travel during covid. The bigger the charter operator, the more security was the motto for summer 2022, but will travellers be braver in 2023?

Or will they become more price-sensitive in a world of high interest rates, even higher inflation and extremely high electricity prices? Can small players challenge the establishment, or will we see a continued oligopoly in the Swedish outbound travel market? And where do people want to go when they are tired of Crete, Croatia and Mallorca?

And in the longer term, what trends do we see after the pandemic and with a new geopolitical situation, energy crisis, recession, climate crisis and other factors that will affect the travel industry and its tour operators.

In the panel: Magnus Wikner, CEO Ving, Didrik von Seth, Managing Director, SRF - Swedish Travel Industry Association, Stefan Chatzopoulos, Public Relations, Airtours, Emanuel Karlsson, CEO Rolf Flyg och buss and Solresor, Sandra Miller Kinge, Marketing Manager Apollo, Jessica Enbacka, CEO TUI, Claes Tamm, MSC Cruises

15:00 Swedish Tourism

Sweden will become the world's best tourist destination, said the resigning Minister of Economic Affairs Ibrahim Baylan before he left the government to become a billionaire... sorry, we mean consultant in the energy industry. Is it possible for Sweden as a tourist destination to compete with France and Spain, after all we are a country where it rains and storms for ten months a year?

Visit Sweden is now an all-government company that aims to get Swedes to tour their own country. Does this make sense? What should be done instead? Gröna Lund is open for Christmas and Skistar wants us to go skiing in the summer too. Is there a risk of over-establishment? What should the new government do to stimulate the tourist industry in Sweden?

In the panel: Jerry Engström, Friluftsbyn, Thomas Jakobsson, Visitas Chief Economist, Nils Persson, Head of Digital at Visit Sweden, Marcus Östlundh, CEO Hotel Kung Carl, Mats Nyblom, train expert, Mathias Lindström, Commercial Director Skistar, Mikaela Björkander, Scandic

16:00 Rekrytering i reseindustrin

How can our industry cope with short/long term skills supply and how can we make the travel industry attractive to work in?

Anneli Westman - Ticket 
Jannica Grönqvist - Resebemanning 
Cecilia Eliaeson - Stockholms Stad 
Sara Pontander - AMEX 
Emma Persson - TUI 
Moderator: Didrik Von Seth - SRF 

17:00: Destination 2023!

The Swedish people choose next year's holiday destinations.

For the third time ever, Travel News presents next year's destinations in the categories weekend, week in the sun and dream trip far away. It is the Swedish people who have told us where they are longing to go on holiday next year in a major survey. The competition and the report are made in cooperation with Nordic Bench. The award ceremony will take place at Travel News Market, the travel industry's major trade fair, on 10 November at 17:15 at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in Travel News stand A:02.

- Our goal is to set a new standard for choosing travel destinations. Before choosing a destination, you need to understand what you want from your trip. Everyone wants to travel, but not everyone travels for the same reason," says Travel News Editor-in-Chief Viggo Cavling.

What's most important when you go on holiday?

Travel News and Nordic Bench asked 1500 Swedes across the country. Just like when the technology company Amadeus surveyed this, we found three categories: the budget traveller, the safe traveller and the premium traveller. 

The first group wants value for money and for it to be cheap on the ground. 

Group two wants to know what they are getting and wants to feel confident in their choice of hotel and location. 

The third group is prepared to pay more for a unique experience.